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A fantastic action survival game is among us that you can enjoy playing along with your friends. The rules are straightforward. This game travels to space in an alien spaceship to complete tasks with 4 to 10 players. One to three of them is an imposter who secretly tries to kill everyone else or the crewmates. Every time a player dies, the other crew members vote to decide the betrayer among them. If the crew members choose the wrong member each time, the team imposter will get another chance to kill and win. All the players have the option to discuss whom to vote off. If the imposters get caught, the crew can peacefully complete all the tasks and win the game. Among us, mod apk allows you to have fun with all the features unlocked.

Game Features:

Characters Appearance:

This game has cute and completely different characters from any other game. The characters are short, have short legs, and don’t have arms. All of them wear space suits as if they are in a spaceship. If a player gets disqualified, he will appear as a ghost, and his legs will turn into a tail. However, you can choose the skin color, hats, and pets you like for your character.

Numerous Languages Available:

This game is available in numerous languages. It has made it easy to play for everyone around the world. The languages include English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, French, Turkish, Hindi, etc.

Characteristics of Among Us Mod Apk:

The Among Us mod apk is always available with the latest version, so the players don’t have to stress updates. Moreover, it has many exciting characteristics that you can enjoy with your friends. So let’s talk about the fantastic features that Among Us Mod Apk provides us.

Super Vision:

This fun factor gives you super eyesight, so you can see even in the dark when the lights go out. Usually, when the lights shut down, the crew of astronauts gets in danger as the imposters have high chances to kill them immediately. With this feature, the player can see clearly and may use some benefits by watching others while they can’t see anything.

Kill Quickly:

This feature helps the imposters to make a fast move and immediately kill the crewmate. In among us mod apk, the player can increase the killing speed. So, they can kill efficiently and quickly. It will be so quick that even the victim will not understand how this happened all of a sudden.

Walk Through The Walls:

It is one of the perfect and unique features of the Among Us mod apk. It helps the player to move through the walls quickly. However, it is amongst the most used features of Among Us mod apk.

Closest Conversation:

The closest conversation feature is all fun and games. The player using this feature can chat with the nearest person to him. There is no need to call an emergency meeting to discuss something. The player can comfortably share any information with the other member while staying close to him.

Change Skin Easily:

The player’s character in an online game is the most important thing. In the Among Us mod apk the player can switch its skin into any other skin. They have limited options, but the features work even when the game has started.


The Among Us Mod Apk is one of the most famous survival games. It has easy access to everyone around the globe. It’s a multiplayer online game so you can have a good time with your friends. Either you can be a crewmate doing specific missions to win the game, or you can be a traitor trying to kill others and stop them from winning the game. The Mod version has made it easy and quick to play and win while having a lot of fun.