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Download Latest Updated AZ WhatsApp APK: Presently, WhatsApp Is a famous and most used messaging and chat application where you can create various groups for various types of people and share photos, videos, and any messages you. Because of all the facilities and services, it becomes a very message application. Now on every phone, you will see the green icon application called WhatsApp. Today in this post we will share with you another version of WhatsApp AZ Whatsapp.

AZWhatsapp is a mod from the official version of WhatsApp. They will serve you with many different final features. These features will not be available on official WhatsApp. So to find out well about AZWhatsapp continue to read our post until the end too if you are a previous AZWhatsapp user then you will easily download the latest version of AZWhatsapp from this post.

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The latest updated AZWhatsapp will serve you features that will not be seen in the official WhatsApp version. Because the official version of WhatsApp comes with several limitations but AZWhatsapp will fulfill the shortcomings and it will give you a great WhatsApp using the experience that the official version. These are all very good features and they offer more than the official version of WhatsApp such as sharing files, videos, and photos. The original WhatsApp limits the size of the sharing file but AZWhatsapp will serve you more than that. About that, we will discuss below so don’t stop through the post to fulfill your important information about AZWhatsapp and download now AZ WhatsApp to enjoy its main features.

Download the Latest 2022 Update of AZWhatsapp APK


Version 10.90
Size 51 MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Last Updated This Week

Download AZ WhatsApp APK to use some of your WhatsApp accounts. This is the best way to use some of your WhatsApp accounts on one phone. You will easily access your WA account by downloading a lot of official WhatsApp MOD APKS such as GBWHATSAPP, OGWhatsapp, FMWHATSAPP, and many others. Many WhatsApps mods available on the AZWhatsapp market are one of them.

The original WhatsApp is equipped with a limited function but all WhatsApp mods have their own main features. Because the AZWhatsapp developer to add a few more features to its version that will not be available on the original WhatsApp. The main features and all the great features are listed below. Don’t forget to check it on the APK.

Ultimate Features Of AZWhatsapp APK

The features that will be listed below will not be available in the original WA because the AZWhatsapp developer adds more and different features in it to give you a great and different user experience from WA. So let’s look at all the great features that will be served by AZWhatsapp.

App Lock


Adjust the application to your AZWhatsapp to avoid misuse of your account. Set the password to your WhatsApp and tighten it. The password will secure your data and protect it from others. So set the key to your AZWhatsapp account.

Secure – Protect Chats


Protect or set a password on a particular chat that you don’t want to show others. You can easily protect any chat in AZWhatsapp APK. By protecting your chat, nothing will interfere or see your chat. So protect them end to the end.

Beautiful Themes And Fonts


AZWhatsapp’s specialty is a beautiful theme and font. All themes are very good in appearance and they will fully change your WA UI. It has more than 3K beautiful themes and more than 30 fonts. Both of these will fully change your usual WhatsApp into a fully adjusted WA.

Better Privacy Protection


AZWhatsapp is popular because of its better privacy. Because it provides many privacy protection functions to its users to keep their activities personal. So the best for your privacy is AZWhatsapp APK. Download now!

Features of AZWhatsapp APK



  • Share Audio Large File Size, Video
  • Up to 50MB of videos can be sent
  • Share more than 10 images at once
  • Various languages
  • Hide online status
  • Hide double lice
  • Always online
  • Hide the recording status
  • Hide typing status
  • Automatic reply
  • Protected password
  • Reserve
  • Extraordinary Lice Style
  • Beautiful themes and fonts
  • Add video status for up to 7 minutes
  • Many types of goods and other features

How to install AZWhatsapp APK into your Phone?

To see all the main features of APK AZWhatsapp above different and more than official WA. To get it, you only need to download it to your cellphone. To download it, click the download button given in the post and start your first step to get it. Completing AZWhatsapp’s download may take a few minutes because it depends on your clean speed. If at high speeds it will take a few seconds and at low speeds, it will require more. So stay calm and be patient.

At that time you can go to your mobile settings and activate “unknown sources”. The cause to install it will be asked of you. So turn it on. After a successful application download. You can go to your file manager and search for the latest AZWhatsapp files that are downloaded and choose to install them on your cellphone. After a successful APK installation, you are ready to use your other WA account.


What is AZWhatsapp?

AZWhatsapp is an alternative version of the official WhatsApp. You can easily download it from our site. This is the mod version of WhatsApp that serves many different features for its users. You will receive so many functions in it to adjust your WA account.

How to download AZWhatsapp latest version?

To download AZWhatsapp visit the official site of AZWhatsapp Once you visit our site you can get its direct download link to get it into your phone. And we always try to update and upgrade our MODs on our site. So you can easily get the latest version of AZWhatsapp from our site.

Is AZWhatsapp safe to use on my phone?

I barely recommend that you not use your personal number in AZWhatsapp. Because there is an opportunity to prohibit your account. Your account may be prohibited in the future. So I suggest you use a temporary number on AZWhatsapp.

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Get the full authority to adjust your WhatsApp with beautiful themes and other items. Surprisingly your friends and relatives by activating their main features such as hiding online status, double checking, visible messages, always online, and more. Your friend will definitely ask about your uniqueness. In the end, I just want to say that it is the best alternative to WhatsApp to access the number while you are on WhatsApp and everything in the mod is very good and extraordinary. So don’t wait to get AZWhatsapp APK to use your other WA numbers. Download the Latest 2022 AZWhatsapp Apk. Stay related to more alternative WhatsApp and visit our site for more MOD APKS. Thank you very much for visiting our site and waiting for it. Have a nice day.


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