Ubisoft Reveals Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence Gameplay

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The Division Resurgence trailer was released by Ubisoft on July 6, and the company also invited individuals to the game’s closed alpha.

Ubisoft has released the first gameplay footage of Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence. James Berry, the Community Developer at Ubisoft, talks about the walkthrough.

The seven-minute video offers a glimpse into the game’s primary story, which is a separate storyline from the main series.

You can watch the gameplay footage here on youtube† You can also check out the official video that explains in-game content and factions.

In an interview, Ubisoft Executive Producer Fabrice Navrez says that the storyline starts before The Division 1 and that the main story takes place between the events of The Division 1 and The Division 2. The storyline adds more features to the Division universe for the fans, while also offering newcomers a good start.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence is still in development and Ubisoft has not yet announced a final release date. However, players are looking forward to the launch as they await a mobile version of the classic shooter RPG set in post-apocalyptic New York City. You can check out the trailer here

New functions

The Division Resurgence is an open-world game in which players are based in New York and set out to explore or play key missions. Players must choose a specialization that matches their unique talents and skills.

The Resurgence Alpha test will have three classes and the final game will have six classes. The first three are:

  • Sloper – armed with a turret and a seeker mine
  • Stronghold – a defensive choice with a ballistic shield and mobile cover
  • Vanguard – keep an eye on enemies and use a drone.

The game is free to play and built for iOS and Android. However, Ubisoft will likely offer controller support for players who prefer the console-like experience.

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